Adding in Exercise to your Daily Routine

Part of a healthy lifestyle includes being active. Regular exercise has many benefits such as improving sleep and mood, weight control, and combating health conditions. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day five days a week as an optimal guideline. Increasing your daily activity can include participation in formal exercise such as joining a sports team or working out at the gym. It can also include taking the sedentary habits of your daily life and giving them a little flare.
Common activities that could use a little boost
Watching TV
TV just keeps getting better. This means that more of us are committing to at least an hour of daily sedentary time while watching the show. Add more activity to this sedentary act. Don’t fast forward through the commercials. Instead, pick an activity such as jumping jacks, push-ups, or lifting a small weight and see how many times you can do them before the commercial break is over. Next break, shoot for a personal record. Get more creative and set up a mini circuit training exercise list!
Brushing teeth
Hey, you’re just standing there staring at yourself in the mirror. Why not march in place to get the body moving and the blood flowing?
Talking on the phone
If possible, walk around the office or home when talking on the phone instead of sitting at a desk or table. This will keep your heart pumping and muscles active.
Food delivery
Why sit and wait? Power-walk your way to the restaurant and pick up your order instead of having it delivered to you. The added effort will help you work up an appetite.
Walking instead of driving when possible
Next time you need to make a quick trip down the street, try walking there instead of driving. It may be nice not dealing with parking or waiting for the bus. When you must drive, try parking as far away from the entrance as possible to get in some extra steps.
Go for a walk while listening to your pod casts
Enjoy a brisk walk while listening to your favorite pod cast, or audio book. If you would rather stay indoor, try walking on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike while you enjoy a good story.
Happy hour
Instead of happy hour at the local pub, try making a new happy hour and take the Frisbee for a toss or kick the soccer ball around with your friends.
Stuck sitting at the office too long?
Gather your favorite coworkers and take a brisk walk to blow off steam or just enjoy some air.

Make your activity choices fun and enjoyable for yourself. BE ACTIVE!!

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